fairness and transparency

Many mattress companies offer a generous sleep trial with free returns, which may seem like a great deal. However, what most consumers don’t realize is that these companies often include the cost of potential returns in their initial sale prices. In essence, customers who choose to keep the mattress end up paying a premium to cover the costs of those who return their mattresses. This practice can be seen as unfair because it essentially shifts the burden of returns onto all customers, regardless of whether they keep the product or not.

At LaSleep, we’re committed to fairness and transparency. We believe that it’s more equitable to charge a reasonable return fee only for those who choose not to keep the mattress. This way, we avoid inflating our sale prices and ensure that customers who keep our premium mattresses are not shouldering the cost of returns for others. It’s all about giving you more control and a better value for your investment in a quality mattress.