Mattress 90 Day Trial,
Warranty and Delivery Policies

90 Day Trial

We know that it takes time to decide whether a mattress is your perfect match. Try your Saatva mattress for up to 90 days. There’s no rushing great sleep.

  • Once the Mattress arrives at your doorstep, you have 90 days to sleep on it and test its comfort. If the Organica doesn’t bring you better sleep, you have the option to initiate a return for a full refund after 31 days. It takes some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress, so this is why we ask you to try the mattress for at least 31 days.
  • If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund, with a processing fee of $99 deducted. To request a return, please send an email to with your order number and the reason for returning. We will require a receipt or proof of purchase, and you should be available for the scheduled pickup time.
  • Please note that the pickup address must match the delivery address.


We stand by the quality of our mattresses.

  • Our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, starting from the date of delivery. Please note that this warranty is non-transferable and applies exclusively to the original purchaser, who must remain the owner of the product.
  • This Warranty covers: [1]Any physical flaw in the craftsmanship of the mattress that causes permanent damage to the foam despite proper set-up and normal use. [2] Deteriorating resulting in a visible indentation or sag of two (2) inches (50mm) or larger when no weight is applied onto the mattress. 
  • This Warranty does not cover: [1]Physical abuse or damage to the structure and / or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage & stains, or soiling. [2]Non-compliance of handling for the cover resulting in damage to the cover or zipper. [3]The actual measurement size of the mattresses may slightly vary. We allow for variances within 1.5 inches (+/-) as a result of the compressed packaging process, or due to various environmental factors.
  • If you need to make a warranty request, please send an email to with your order number and a description of the reason. We will require a receipt or proof of purchase to process your request.


Understand more of the delivery terms

  • Delivery will be fulfilled within 0-3 working days after placing the order. Our delivery team will contact you to confirm your availability to receive the order before dispatching. Customers may request that the order be placed outside of the delivery destination premises, but please note that this is subject to their own risks.
  • Mattresses are delivered in a convenient shipping box. Please unpack the mattress within 30 days of receiving the order to allow it to fully expand to its intended height. Failure to do so might result in a loss of mattress quality and could void the 90-day trial and warranty.
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fairness and transparency

Many mattress companies offer a generous sleep trial with free returns, which may seem like a great deal. However, what most consumers don’t realize is that these companies often include the cost of potential returns in their initial sale prices. In essence, customers who choose to keep the mattress end up paying a premium to cover the costs of those who return their mattresses. This practice can be seen as unfair because it essentially shifts the burden of returns onto all customers, regardless of whether they keep the product or not.

At LaSleep, we’re committed to fairness and transparency. We believe that it’s more equitable to charge a reasonable return fee only for those who choose not to keep the mattress. This way, we avoid inflating our sale prices and ensure that customers who keep our premium mattresses are not shouldering the cost of returns for others. It’s all about giving you more control and a better value for your investment in a quality mattress.